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The tree of Dridevie needs your help! You are a deer that can bring back life to the forest. This does not last forever though! Clear the river and bring the tree back to health so life can flow through the land once again!

Dridevie is a 3D game based on the artwork of Juliette Oberndorfer

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Dridevie 79 MB
Dridevie.zip 100 MB

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This does not work properly with the desktop launcher.
Can you please also upload a regular ZIP version so the launcher can do the installing ?

I'ts a pity to  hear that you had trouble with the installer. I uploaded a zip file with the build. I hope this helps.

The itch desktop app now installs and lanches the game correctly.

This game is very relaxing and beautiful. Thankyou for translating the art into a simple little game.

If you get round to any updates Could you reduce the horizontal mouse sensitivity a little bit ? The vertical is fine as it is.

It may look even more magical if when the tree comes to life again that some birds or butterflies come to it.

I am thinking you could make a screensaver version or demo mode. If there is a basic navigation path you could just watch the deer wander around randomly interacting so it looks like the deer is eating/drinking,


I'm happy that you liked it! And your feedback is very much appreciated.

When I get to it, I want to add some more stuff to the game. I have some fun changes in mind. I was thinking of making the deer that are already present in the game wander around instead of just standing there. Generally some more movement in the environment itself would be nice. 

A screensaver is definitely a great idea! I'll look into that as well.  

It might take a while for me to get around to working on this again since I have a lot of exciting projects I am working on at the moment. But I won’t forget about Dridevie anytime soon!

So pretty!!!

Very nice indeed! Breathtaking!

Reaaaally beautiful